Thursday, June 21, 2007


Ahhh.... Summer vacation is officially upon us. Or I guess I should say upon me (and Petrovich and The Gancer...). But alas, what to do with my plethora of free time? Here are a few summer goals.

1. Cooking Staples
I've decided not to continue cooking A-Z (last summer I wanted to cook a meal from every country in alphabetical order). Although I enjoyed blogging about it, I really didn't get very far (I didn't even make it to the "B's"). Also, I have this habit of going a bit overboard when it comes to cooking (like A-Z or Southern Food or...) and never really learning how to make a normal meal. And then when I don't have a ton of time, the only thing I can seem to remember is Mac + Cheese or spaghetti. So this summer I just want to get 5 staples down and spend my hard-earned leisure time on other things like...

2. Registration

As I've mentioned before, I really need to get my car reregistered. Hopefully, I can get around to that within in the next 2 months.

3. A Class

For the second half of the summer I'm going to take a Middle Eastern 1800 to present class. Which might have little to do with what I actually teach (US History 1493 - 1900), but at least after it, I might finally know the difference between Shi'ites and Sunnis.

4. An Awesome Lawn

Alright, feel free to poke fun Miguelito, but when you soon have a house you'll see the importance of edging. I mean, I don't plan to be a freak about it, but unless you want a freakin' carpet growing out over the sidewalk (which is what I often have), you have to edge a little. And it is a much harder skill than I anticipated. After an epiphany 2 months ago (where I realized the key was using both the whacker and the edger), my last time resulted in mass sparks and creating various incongruent edges. But I am up to the challenge!!!

5. A Basketball Hoop

Wife got me a street basketball hoop like two birthdays ago, and this truly was a great a present. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to put it together yet. I don't think the fault is solely mine. I might be pretty retarded when it comes to most household work, but I'm actually not bad when it comes to putting something together w/ directions. But the wife got me a crazy complicated one with a slam dunk rim. Last summer I spent one sad summer day with all 47 different pieces staring up at me from the driveway, awaiting my accomplishment of step 1. It didn't happen. I'm considering buying a cheaper easier one, putting it together, and making the other one disappear. Wife never needs to know...

6. Find Where the Moths Are Coming From
Readers of this blog might remember the disgusting episode in December when wife and I discovered all the pictures on our fridge had maggots behind them. Well, after some scrubbing and tossing, there are no mo maggots. But now there are moths (I feel there is a connection). And just about every time I open the cupboard at least one flies out. Always a bad sign. So one day this summer I'm going to scour the flour and all the other possible hang outs. It's going to be one of those missions in which success is not all that much fun (Yahoo! I found the moth breeding ground! How utterly nasty!!!)

7. Avoid Rush Hour
I've gotta tell you guys. Nothing bums out my summer vibe more than when I forget what time it is, and I find myself doing an errand when all you working folk are coming home. It's like I've been attacked by all the stress I'm trying to avoid.



Blogger michael5000 said...

ChuckDaddy! Congrats on making it through to the summer!

And please -- everyone knows that the summer break is a small enough reward for the work you teachers do, the critical work of preparing the next generation to take their place in society. You really should never have to feel that there is any resentment or bad feelings from those of us who have, you know, real jobs.

Comments on your specific points:

1: I am very disappointed to hear you are giving up on the Cooking the Almanac A-Z project. I had hoped that would be good summer blog reading for years to come.

2: Tazer. Action.

5: You're going to try to pull the basketball hoop switcheroo on Mrs. ChuckDaddy? I don't know, man. Girl's perceptive, know what I'm sayin'? Take it from a man who's been married (a year) longer than you: the switcheroo is trouble.

9:48 pm  
Anonymous emho said...

I echo M5000's disappointment about the A-Z cooking project. It could have made for a good book ala Cooking for Julia (or whatever that book was called). What about taking Western Europe or pick 10 meals that you've always wanted to know how to cook? The problem with the project from last year, is that you were working with the most poorly written recipes. Cooking is actually quite simple when you have a good recipe.

7:06 am  
Blogger The [Cherry] Ride said...

I've been living in Chicago for a good 16 months and have not yet registered my car. Thanks for the reminder!

7:30 am  
Anonymous chuckdaddy said...

Huh, well maybe I will continue the A-Z, just w/ way lower expectations. Maybe I'll just do the occasional recipe with getting to Zimbabwe being something I get to in my 50's.

And I do hear Azerbajin has some tasty food...

8:44 am  
Blogger NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Big ups to you and your edging skills!! Let me ask you this, do you get pissed off at your neighbors for not taking care of their lawns? I've seen this phenomenon, and I think some day I'd like to be the a-hole who neglects his lawn just to get the goat of my neighbors.

12:41 pm  
Blogger Jenny! said...

That cooking thing sounds exhausting! Way too much work on your summer vacay!

2:09 pm  
Anonymous chuckdaddy said...

Gancer- No, at least not yet. It would seem highly hypocritical after all my years as worse lawn on the block (and the time in college when the neighbors had to come to talk to us out about it and I broke the lawnmower we rented just trying to mow it).

Jenny- That's what I like to hear!

4:17 pm  
Anonymous chuckdaddys' big sis said...

those moths are in your pasta and rice and stuff. when you buy those things put them in the freezer for 2 days to kill any eggs and then you won't get the moths. also eat stuff withom a month or two or throw it out. It is when you have a bag of lentils or something like that that you let sit there for months that you will get the bugs. they basically are in everything you buy, you just have to eat stuff fast. yes you can tell i speak from experience. also they are in bird seed really bad and dog food too so keep those things in closed containers. for now, just go into your pantry and throw out everything that is old or remotely suspect. the name is something like india grain moth. mom and dad always have these in their cat food.

7:12 pm  

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