Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Worst of Portland

I'm not feeling very negative today. Just thought it would be fun to put together this list. Any ideas?

Worst Intersection

11th and Sandy and Burnside

Or 37 corners. As if it's not dangerous enough, it has the disappearing lane when you're going west on Burnside and the parked car in your lane when you're going East.

Worst Asian Food

Anything that advertises their Chinese-American food

Most Overrated Restaurant

Pizza Ascholl's

Or Pizza AHoles as I like to call it. I still haven't quite figure out why 1/2 of Beaverton waits around the block for pizza that doesn't have enough cheese and is burned on the bottom. Maybe it's a Beavertron thang.

Worst Restaurant Period

The Mummy

I talked about this on one of my first posts (oh, memories...). I think its badness actually warrants a visit (just get drinks though)

Worst Suburb

A tough one, since as incredible as I think Portland is, I am not fond of the 'Burbs (Where I make my livelihood). Any thoughts?

Worst Parking Lot

The New Seasons on 2oth and Division

They seem to have put a lot of thought and energy into that store, you'd think they would've done their measurements correctly.

Worst Parking Garage


That place scares me.

Worst Tourist Attraction

The Chinese Gardens

OK fine, I haven't been there. But even mentioning it makes me yawn.

Worst Annual Event

The Rose Parade or Cinco de Mayo

I might need to attend one of them to determine the loser.

Worst Rated Bar on City Search

Dr. Feelgood's Pub

Not sure why I find that fun to find (it actually takes some time to get to the bottom).

Worst Rated Restaurant on City Search


Holman's! I totally disagree.



Blogger The [Cherry] Ride said...

Agree with you on the worst parking lot. But I've never heard of this Mummy's restaurant.

12:45 pm  
Blogger Karin said...

Oh, god yeah, that Powell's garage is the perfect makings of some horror flick. You should have to get extra insurance just to park there. Luckily I usually walk or Max it.

But the Chinese Gardens you really hafta see. I admit that from the outside looking in it looks like a city block of pretty much nothing. But seriously, once you're inside, it's easy to forget you're in a city at all. It's worth a go.

1:03 am  
Blogger Jenny! said...

Maybe I wont move to Portland after all!

8:10 am  
Anonymous emho said...

Actually there is a worse intersection in Portland--NE Prescott and 60th (? or there abouts) where 8 lanes converge. The one at 11th is bad but I think there are only 6 lanes and a traffic light which makes it less confusing about who goes when.

I think Pioneer Square is a pretty boring tourist attraction.

10:19 am  
Blogger chuckdaddy2000 said...

I am intrigued by this Prescott intersection. I need to check it out.

Pio Square rocks! The arrows pointing out distances, the place where your voice come back at you, the little names on the bricks, whatever random function is going on there... I definitely heart pio square

12:45 pm  
Anonymous miguelito said...


Your post was fun - did you coordinate with this week's Wil. Weekly and their Kvetch-fest? You had a couple that were the same... How uncanny!!!

Worst garage in Portland - the one under Avon Manor. Sucks in oh-so-many-ways...

I have to tell you - I work directly across from Dr. Feelgood's and while I'm waiting for the bus every day I have to look at it. I once ventured just inside and it did seem like the lamest bar in Portland, but then again anyplace along TV Highway in Aloha seems like the lamest place in Portland. Even the Bed, Bath, & Beyond seems like the lamest one in Portland, if that's imaginable?

12:58 pm  
Blogger chuckdaddy2000 said...

I'm so psyched someone's seen Dr. Feelgood's.

I think Bed Bath and Beyond's always feel the same no matter where you are. I think the Turkmenistan BB+B would probably be pretty equal in lameness to the TV Highway (which, btw, might be the weirdest name ever for a street).

4:13 pm  
Blogger Michael5000 said...

Love the Powell's Garage! The only place in town where it is actually fun to park.

And also -- and Chuckdaddy, I hope this won't destroy our friendship -- I'm saying Holman's for worst bar. I'm just not seeing what you see in that place.

9:39 pm  
Blogger Rachel Tamed said...

I think I have actually almost been killed in the Powells garage. I'll have to look back in your blog to find this mummy restautant.

2:53 pm  

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